King of Sloth

Ana Huang



<p><b>Meet the Kings of Sin . . .</b><br><b>The must-read billionaire romance from the bestselling author of the Twisted series.</b><b><br> 'Get ready for all the spice, all the build-up and all the sizzling tension' <i>GLAMOUR </i></b><br><b>Read<i> King of Sloth</i> now for a steamy reverse grumpy sunshine romance. <br></b> <b><br> <i>He'd never wanted anyone enough to chase them . . . until he met her</i>.</b><br><br>Charming, easy-going, and rich beyond belief, <b>Xavier Castillo</b> has the world at his fingertips.<br><br>He also has no interest in taking over his family's empire (much to his father's chagrin), but that hasn't stopped women from throwing themselves at him . . . unless the woman in question is his publicist.<br><br>Nothing brings him more joy than riling her up, but when a tragedy forces them closer than ever, he must grapple with the uncertainty of his future - and the realization that the only person immune to his charms is the only one he truly wants.<br><br>***<br><br>Cool, intelligent, and ambitious, <b>Sloane Kensington</b> is a high-powered publicist who's used to dealing with difficult clients. <br><br>However, none infuriate - or tempt - her more than a certain billionaire heir, with his stupid dimples and laid-back attitude.<br><br>She may be forced to work with him, but she'll never fall for him . . . no matter how fast he makes her heart beat or how thoughtful he is beneath his party persona.<br><br>He's her client, and that's all he'll ever be. Right?<br><br><b>King of Sloth </b><i>is a steamy reverse grumpy sunshine billionaire romance. It includes explicit content and profanity. Recommended for mature readers only.</i><br><br><i><b>** Includes exclusive character art **</b><br><br></i><i>***</i><br><br><b>Why fans love Ana Huang </b><b> </b><b> </b><b> </b><b> !</b><br><br>'<i>King of Greed</i>? More like King of my Heart (Ana Huang's Version)' <b>Lauren Asher</b><br><br>'WE HAVE NO NOTES JUST LOTS OF HORNY FEELINGS' <b>Ali Hazelwood</b><br><br>'Ana did not come to play . . . it was giving everything I asked for. It exceeded my expectations astronomically. I'm now severely depressed it's finished' <b>@Aymanreads</b><br><br>'Ana Huang has done it ONCE again. But are we really surprised? No. Ana Huang truly is the queen of billionaire romances' <b>Goodreads Review</b><br><br>'This book broke me into pieces and then pieced them back together' <b>Goodreads Review</b><br><br>'Ana really said whether morally grey is your favourite OR NOT, let me give you someone to swoon over' <b>Goodreads Review</b><br><br>'Ana Huang never disappoints. This was my most anticipated read of the month and it was EVERYTHING!!' <b>Goodreads Review</b></p>
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